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Titan Flesh

Carved from the living bodies of the titans, titan flesh is a staple food for most citadel dwellers, which allowed them to survive food scarcity during the Flood Era. Today, the need for titan flesh has diminished, but it is still a traditional and important part of civvie cuisine. Titan flesh is described as having a salty, bitter taste with a mild aftertaste reminiscent of sulfur. It is typically cooked in stews, spiced and slow-cooked to remedy its unappealing, gamey taste and tough texture.   The appearance of titan flesh varies based on the titan, but it is typically red meat with undertones of grey, purple, or green.

Manufacturing process

To get at good titan flesh, the tough, scaly skin of the titan has to be hacked and peeled away, at which point the flesh is excised with saws and axes. The people who earn a living doing this backbreaking, unappealing job are called "cutters," and prolonged exposure to raw demon flesh and ichor often gives them minor mutations. As such, cutters live in an uneasy societal station-- simultaneously needed for society to run properly, but also viewed with disgust and fear. Among other cutters, they show these mutations freely, but typically hide them among common folk.   The process of gathering titan flesh is dangerous and risky. Once the outer layer of skin has been peeled back, a tunnel is formed, and wooden supports are put in place to slow the healing process and give the cutters more time to work. The most valuable, tender flesh is deep below the skin, and cutters must risk life and limb trying to cut this meat away quickly and get back to the surface. Should they take too long, they can be swallowed whole by regenerating flesh.   Once the meat is obtained and brought to the surface, it is shipped to butchers, who treat it with special salts that have been blessed to draw out demon ichor and make the flesh safe for consumption. After 24 hours of curing, it is sent to market to be sold.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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