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Cormorian Imperial Mint

Describe a common form of currency in your world. Who issues it and what is its value?  

Types of Coinage

  The standard coinage in this day and age is the Cormorian Imperial Mint, which has currently taken root as the basis of value for all other coinage across most of the continent. The lowest denomination is the copper pence or 1cp. The next coin the bronze twin pence is worth twice it's value at 2cp. Pence have a single mark on both sides of sword and a pitchfork crossing. The standard common coin is the silver crown worth 1sp and details the crown of the current Cormorian Empire although some detail the crown of one of the Three Empires of old. On it's reverse side it details a Wyvern in flight. The golden city is a more common coin amongst rich folk and is worth 1gp. It details the city of Cormor on one side and the Emperor at the time of minting on the other, but other kingdoms have begun to mint these coins using their own rulers and cities. The final coin is the platinum empire worth 1pp or 100 crowns. This dazzling coin details a map of the Empire from the year 22 IE and the three brothers who founded the Empire on the other side. Other less important coins from specific imperial regions exist, as well as trade bars but those are not recognized by the Imperial Mint officially.


The Mint was established by Emperor Auth the Conqueror in 22 IE in the Eastern Empire and spread to the other two empires of Cormor in just a few years. The mint was always centered in the city of Cormor so the current Cormorian Empire was able to control the mint when the Western and Middle Kingdoms collapsed.

Distribution and Future

The actual coins are minted in Cormor and in other sites around the Empire and are distributed to those the Empire is indebted to. The Banking Guild currently values the gold city at 0.87 of the value of a full freeman guilder (A guilder is a coin worth the value of how much a free experienced worker should be payed by their guild). This makes the coin fairly valuable and recognized. If the guilder were to spread east however it could upset the legitimacy of the coin in it's current state, especially if other kingdoms are considering to use coins not tied to the older empires anymore.
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