The 7th Day of Xul in the Year 1589 A.E.

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A Dieselpunk Fantasy world embroiled in a conflict of machines and magic.   For the last 6 years, the Retribution Crusade has raged. The Ulasian Empire, born from the survivors of a great flood, has returned to the valleys of the Icebound Mountains. With their army backed by prophecy, the soldiers of Ularis clash against the War-Skiffs of the Rizon Dynasty, those Orcs who's ancient master destroyed the beautiful valleys that cradled the ancestors of the empire.   For both sides, natives of the Floodplains and warriors from the Sahansi Clans bolster their armies with multitudes of Motor Knights, a warrior tradition that embodies an everlasting spirit and carries a reputation chivalry and infamy wherever they go.   Deep within the mountains the Dynasty calls home, the Gorge Lords birth new creations to their goddess Ilhari, grafting metal to the skin of monstrous worms and arachnids, bracing themselves for the new world of machines.   In the Soutcliff Deserts, the tribes of those who once called the lands of the Empire home now work to distance themselves from the war focused imperials, some just trying to hone themselves to face the challenges of each day, others plotting and planning against the Empire, hoping to reclaim their ancestral lands.   West of the Floodlands, the Fated Forest holds the Eladrin of the Four Courts, their hunts often spreading into lands not their own, searching for a way to prove themselves to their lieges, or fall prey to those outside the families   Finally, the Oxchester Magistocracy holds bastion upon a jutting  peninsula, allying with the Reef Council against the Maelstrom, a never ending tide of monstrous creations seeking the destruction of Sanctum and all who live within.