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Saivryth Where Gods and Demi Gods walk among the races of the world, interacting with them, shaping mortal destinies.

From the Histories of Saivryth
Saivryth is an ancient world that is over 800,000 years old going by the last known record of the history of this world. Where the Balance of the Three Spheres of Good, Evil, and Neutrality are always precarious in their positions in the World. A world with an ancient history filled with daring heroics and epic tragedies. Anything and everything can happen here.   Travel to Safe Haven, home of the Mercenary Guild and those of Blood of the Gods. Wander through the capital city and see the sites Safe Haven is famous for. Visit the only Temple in existence that has altars to all the Gods and Demi-Gods of Light and Neutrality. Don’t forget to have a home-cooked dinner at Evon’s Inn. For those wishing to train, there are several schools in Safe Haven to choose from depending on what you want to learn. If you want training as a Royal Knight or a Paladin, then enroll in one of the training halls at The Farm as a cadet. Or if you wish to earn your way as a member of the Mercenary Guild, sign up and train at the Merc Guild training hall. Maybe you want to learn Magic? The Mage School teaches most spheres of Magic, even Combat Magic. Or would you like to learn more about the way of the Mystic and Alchemy? Visit Mystic Hall, and learn the unarmed combat techniques of the Mystic.   If you have the potential of being an Arch Mage, then come to Lashanna’s Temple in the misty Elven Kingdom of Cerdrinal. Learn the theories behind all the spheres of Magic, then wander the World as an Arch Mage, seeking to always explore the Magic of Saivryth.   Trade and Barter among the largest congregation of Merchants in the Elven Kingdom of Aesys or the Human Kingdom of Balvion, where the Merchant Caravan family fortunes are made.    All this and more awaits for those who wish to travel in the World of Saivryth.