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The world of Saga is a world of couplets. Magic is wound and bound into technology. Power is fed by knowledge. Fate is either followed or defied, but never ignored.   Saga is a world with an internet, with public transport, with terrible book to film adapations. But it is also cradled in the hands of a dozen pantheons of very real gods. Magic is a fact of life, like breathing. Different species co-exist with expected unease. And all of the modern technology and society the people have built rests on the shoulders of millenia of history and those who came before, whether they are remembered or not.   Time ticks forward. The tapestry is already spun and woven, trailing off the loom. But there is an error in the work. A single, unimportant decision has changed the pattern. The Weavers are not pleased about this.   The stories in this world are where the pattern has changed when it should not. Where the Weavers don't know what the end result will be.   And what they do to correct these mistakes before they can spiral further out of control and alter the tapestry forever.

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