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The small and almost insignificant town would be barren were it not for its reputation. Heralded to be the center for art and culture the town is fitted with the most extravagant and sometimes absurd art, architecture, and artists.


50% Human 25% Halfling 15% Tiefling 10% Other Races


There is no government in Ticino. Rather this anarchy is a collective of art and culture that has grown to the size of a small city.


While Ticino has no standing army it has attacted the attention of several cities who have pledged their support of the commune to further the arts.


Ticino imports in everything it can and it's soul export is the art and artists who are said to be the best in the world.


What few engineers that have been seduced into staying have developed experimental watermills, windmills, and other such infrastructure. Half the time it works better than expected the other half of the time it fails stupendously.

Guilds and Factions

Each artistic talent is represented with many like minded individuals banding together to support each other. These factions regularly compete with each other for patrons, the current popular faction being the Bardic Singers


Ticino is located in a barren waste that is close to several cities but holds no real significance or worth outside a a stream that flows through the city.

Natural Resources

A small stream flows through the city


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