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The Rogue State


60% Human 30% Halfling 10% Other


Kleptocracy - Whoever steals the crown of thorns is ruler, while wielding the crown there is little chance of a fair fight


The Crown of Thorns is an artifact of immense power that threatens any country that dare attack


The largest black market available if it can be sold you can find it in the Rouge State

Guilds and Factions

Each level is rules by a gang leader who can influence his gang who make the strongest gang within the level: The Primos led by Robert Anybody - First Level The King of Bandits - Jin Royale


Built from a pirate den that grew into a city the Rogue State rules by virtue of a magical artifact of immense power. The Crown of Spines grants its wearer unimaginable power at the cost of an equal amount of pain. In turn it has come to be that whom ever owns this Crown is given full control of its gang leaders who in turn control the city. That being said only the bravest and skillful thief can steal this Crown from its owner and claim dominion.


The city is tightly built around a small mountain. The city winds itself upon five levels with the corresponding height increases your standing, the top of the city being where the Bandit King lives.

Outpost / Base
Gen Royale

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