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The Axe Gang

Formerly a band of bandits and cutthroats their leader has made a deal with a strange man for gold and magical tools in return for bodies.


The Executioner leads the Axe gang with

Public Agenda

Gather wealth and pleasure


After starting jobs for the Artist the gang the Axe Gang has managed to arm each member with several weapons as well as leather armor at least and much better the higher ranked you are.


The gang came around when the lumber trade in the town faced steep competition from Dwarves up river. Try as they might they could not compete with the better organized and funded band of Dwarves. With no job the lumberjacks became surly and sullen. Eventually their former leader got enough of the crew with no families and no morals together and took their axes to try to ambush the Dwarves.   Their plan would have succeeded had not a few dwarves not taken off in their delivery cart. The Gang was flush with gold stolen from the dead Dwarves but now they were wanted men. By the time the man hunters had come to town for justice the lumberjacks had fled deep into the woods. Many tried to claim the bounty on the criminals but they knew the woods too well. Since then the tales of the Axe Gang often start with them trying to rob, threaten, and even kill to keep themselves flush with gold.   Their presence has started to affect the town as merchants have begun to avoid the stop and go out of their way or go by river. What were down on their luck family men have become wild dogs that are scaring away gold from the proper townsfolk. The leader Executioner had planned on one last job before tearing into the town itself when he met the Artist. He offered plenty of gold for a simple job, all the gang had to do was kidnap people who would not be missed. The Artist even helped with some magic brands that could knock someone out till they were ready to be shipped to the tower. Suddenly the Gang was flush with gold and spending it in town, everyone was happy.

Illicit, Gang

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