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He is there at the end of every battle and is soaked in the blood of his enemies. Keima has overcome lesser gods to claim his title as God of Conquest and expects no less from his followers. Be they muscle bound toughs who break the legs of those who stand up to them or menacing “civilized” men who use their muscle to their advantage over others the God of Conquest expects excellence. Those who follow Keima have an air of invincibility and often use their prowess to beat their lesses into submission.  


Keima's Angels are few in number but great in power. When one of his followers shows great prowess in battle, heaps glory onto the name of Keima, and catches the God's attention they are transformed into avatars of Keima's will. Each angel of Keima is transformed into their ideal form to better fight for Keima and each is unique. Only once did Keima revoke his divine blessing upon one of his chosen but the fallen angel fled Keima's wrath. Since then the God of Conquest has removed the independence of his Angels, weakening them greatly but insuring no other Angel can betray their master.

Divine Domains

Strength, War, Battle

Tenets of Faith

Strength is your will and tool of submission. All those who would bow before you acknowledge that you are stronger.

Divine Classification

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