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The town of Fewjit is run by time with almost everything run by strict schedule. The guards open the gates and close the gate at the same time without fail and without exception. The main crime in this town is tardiness be it to a meeting or in turning in a book. The longer you are late the worse the punishment. The enforcer is the government sanctioned construct, Commander Clock.   The average day of a resident within Fewjit is waking up at the chime of the first bell, eating their ration and dressing before leaving their home at the second bell's chime. They walk to the factory and by the third bell's chime they begin assembling a construct. They eat another ration after the fourth bell and return to work on the fifth bell. The sixth bell signals the end of the work day and are in their home before the seventh bell. The lights are extinguished after the eighth bell and the people within the city fall asleep soon thereafter.


50% Constructs 35% Human 15% Other


The city is a Chronocracy that is ruled over by Commander Clock an angel of clockwork. He controls all the constructs within the town who enforce his rules.


Constructs for self defense and enforcement are built along side those built for construction each day.


All living citizens within the city are slaves to Commander Clock and anyone who sets foot in the city is considered a citizen. With the growth of the city more people are able to find the shining glass structures luring traders, adventurers, and pilgrims all of whom are captured and put to work to grow the city more.


The city is crafted from Dragon Glass and stone, with each day more constructs are built who in turn mine the materials needed to grow the city. As of now the city has grown to twice the size since Commander Clock first began ruling over the city.

Guilds and Factions

A small faction of dissenters have begun to sabotage the growth of the city in hopes of eventually toppling Commander Clock.


The city-state of Fewjit was a minor trade hub that was barely surviving within the desert when a plague began to wipe out it’s people. The cities neighbors turned their backs and killed all who might spread plague. With nowhere to turn to the Sultan called his greatest wizard to save the city by any means. And so the Wizard communed with the planes, hoping to spare the citizens of the city a doomed existence he made a deal with the forces of the Inevitable in return for saving the population. The angel that appeared offered to save the people in return for their servitude.   Those that successfully find Fewjit find a changed in its place a large glass metropolis that grows every day. Within the walls of this clockwork kingdom the people toil every day in the same pattern, each individual has a schedule they keep to and those that are tardy are punished.   The angel that runs the city has enchanted its population to keep them alive, while they still bear the marks of the disease no one within the city can die nor do they age. Each day they craft and assemble the glass and clockwork the city growing it piece by piece, each day the city grows in size and number as the automatons now outnumber the original population. Those that are unlucky enough to stumble upon the city are integrated into the city one way or another be it by becoming a plague infected worker or if they cause enough of a disturbance they are broken down for parts.


Fewjit is found within the desert, built around a natural oasis it was a popular trade hub till better paths were found.

Natural Resources

Beneath the city a large vein of dragon ore has supplied much of the building materials along side the ever-present sand.

Large town

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