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The Dragonbreed were created by the Archfey experiments with stolen dragon eggs. Long before the Breedwar the Archfey had stolen the eggs of the various dragons and created foul experiments that took human test subjects and bound them with the unborn dragon's soul. The end result was an amalgamation of the two that had no memory of the beings it was before. These dragonbreed were isolated and trained presumably for blood sport till the Breedwar began and the Archfey were forced to loose the species upon the battlefield to fight.   It was the dragonbreed's interaction with cambion's that led to the species revolting against their masters. Kept together the cambion began to socialize and teach their fellow soldiers of the greater world and more. It was the inhumane treatment of both the cambion and the dragonbreed that made the two revolt against their masters.  


Dragonbreed are warm-blooded beings much like their human counterparts. The scales that cover a dragonbreed are tougher than human skin but they cannot protect against weapons and similar purposeful attacks. All dragonbreed have scales, tails, and horns though the size, shape, and color all differ with each individual. The colors of their scales will rang from a variety of shades from either chromatic or metalic though never a mix of the two. Rarely a child will be born with a single shade of scales, often seen as an atavism of their draconic parantage the child is considered a blessing. Dragonbreed carry an supernatural ability to tap into and develop their draconic traits with most develop a breath attack.  


  Uniforms are omni-present each community will have a common color and shape that is altered to fit the subject's specific profession. Most uniforms will be tattered and ill-fitting from the poorest citizens while the elite will heavily decorate their uniforms with extravagant accents.  


  Presumably from their draconic nature dragonbreed buildings are large and spacious when possible often featuring natural stones and arched roofs. Cities often are built in ridged blocks and tiered with the richest and most influential within the center-most districts while those with less money and influence are relegated further outward depending on position and wealth.  


  Dragonbreed books rarely go into prose or flights of imagination as the species prefers biographies and historical references.  


  The most popular dragonbreed art is mostly focused on sculptures and music with an emphasis on percussive instruments and a few stringed instruments. There have been some experiments with dragonbreed singing incorporating their unique vocal talents along side the ability to produce the various draconic breaths but this has led to more than one audience member being singed or shocked.  


  To many dragonbreed faith is a personal matter that is only shared with those close to you. While there are churches and temples built these are smaller and more liken to shrines were the faithful come to offer their respects and ask for aid in truing times. The most popular dieties are Vitros, Oserry, and Tekego and the most clerics and priests can be found among their ranks.  

Leisure Activities

  Most dragonbreed love physical competition with wrestling and pugilism being the most popular among the masses. And while dragonbreed art and culture has not been as successful it has not stopped the dragonbreed from examining and critiquing art from the various cultures around them.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike dragons the dragonbreed give live birth like mammals but the children grow super naturally quickly and by the end of the infants first year, a dragonbreed has the mental and physical development of a human child a few years older.

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborn dragonbreed can stand and waddle within a short period of time though their teeth will take years to come in. By the end of the second year, a dragonbreed child will have the mental and physical state comparable to a four year old human child. As the dragonbreed matures quickly through their youthful development at about eleven years of age, the dragonbreed is considered an adolescent. Over the next five years they grow larger and become adults.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonborn have sharp eyes that can seen with little light needed and elevated senses of smell and taste.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
200 years
Average Height
Males 5'6" ~ 5'11"
Females 5'9" ~ 6'5"
Average Weight

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