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Dowsing will enchant a rod or stick to be drawn to the closest water within a mile.

Side/Secondary Effects

The wood that is enchanted will become increasingly brittle and dry with wood turning to ash as soon as the stick touches water. Any metal enchanted thus will be more prone to rust if possible.


When casting the spell the as the user draws their finger across the dowsing rod a trail of glitter will sparkle for a few seconds and the rod will begin to move slightly if there is water within a mile of casting.

Material Components
One rod or stick at least six inches in length the material must be metal or wood.
Gestures & Ritual
After speaking the spells verbal command the caster will trace the length of the rod with a finger.
Related Discipline
The spell is universal and known to be taught to almost everyone with some arcane talent.
Effect Duration
The spell will last for ten minutes.
Effect Casting Time
The spell takes around six seconds to cast so long as the user is prepared.
The spell will target a single object but the ability to find water will reach as far as a mile depending on the magical prowess of the caster. An untrained peasant will be able to find water within sixty feet.
Anyone with an elementary understanding of spell craft can cast the spell if taught the words and gesture.
Applied Restriction
The rod will be pulled towards the nearest source of open water larger than a handful. If none is within the range of the spell the rod will remain inert until it is taken within range or the spell expires.

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