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When the Gods destroyed the first world only a few creatures were able to survive and escape to become the Fey. But that does not mean the ruins of the first world could not sustain life. From the magic and divine spark of the dead Gods arose the three: The Demiurge, The Aeon, and Deus.   From Deus came the Demons, creatures of raw power and emotion they are the most simple of creatures and yet the most numerous.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Each type of Demon first came from a strong emotion that Deus felt and continue to breed dependent on their emotion.

  • Demons of Lust can breed with any species with a high chance of spawning a similar Demon.
  • Demons of Gluttony are spawned when their kind feeds till bursting, from the resulting paroxysm two or more small demons are birthed.
  • Demons of Avarice build great nests of riches to lay their golden eggs upon. They will care for their egg for some time but before it can hatch the Demon will secret the egg away for a covetous mortal to steal only for the egg to hatch, appearing as a newborn of whatever mortal they imprint upon. The Demon will subtly influence the mortal until it grows into adolescence and slays it’s parents.
  • Demons of Wrath are the most prevalent of their species, for those who die with wrath in their hearts at the hands of a demon will arise as a Demon themselves.

Growth Rate & Stages

Demons spawns from Deus are created fully matured a few second generation demons will spawn fully matured but other grow dependant on what kind of mortal they are derived from. For example a succubus will birth a child from a human only for it to grow to majority after sixteen years or so.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Demons have the corrupted divine spark that sustains them though they gain pleasure in eating, drinking, and other such mortal habits while in the second world.

Biological Cycle

First generation demons are immortal beings created by a corruption of the divine spark. Second generation demons will match their biological cycles to that of their host species though depending on the demons power, skill, and abilities their lifespan could be extended. What few half-breed demons that have survived to adulthood have gone to become sub-species or grown in power to become full demons through rituals and dark rites.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Demons often take names from their victims or as titles given to them from their notoriety. Occasionally Deus will be aware enough to acknowledge a Demon and give it a celestial name, these Demons are often highly ranked among their kind.

Major Organizations

Demons are mostly selfish though they are utilitarian enough to know that if they work together they have a better chance to succeed.   One such group is the Scroungers, a pack of Demons that travel looking for thin barriers between the first and second world. In turn they are given a share of claimed resources in return for their sharing this information.

Average Technological Level

Demons that have survived and returned to the First World have brought back magic and technology from the Second World as spoils. With these the more cogent of the Demon race have altered the technology to Demonic needs including tools that allow Demons to mold and craft blood, flesh, and spirit.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Demons speak Demonic, a corrupted form of Celestial. Second generation Demons are also aware of the language of their host race and will learn more depending on need.

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