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94% Dragonborn 5% Human 1% Other races




Almost one third of the population is inactive militia and all youths are trained in combat before training in their parents professions.


One quarter of the military is hired out as mercenaries while the majority of their resources come from ores mined beneath the city. The city can produce barely enough to feed the population so food is the largest import.


The city of Breask has a well functioning aqueduct and sewer system.

Guilds and Factions

Each part of the city is divided into a district led by a Captain who in turn answers to the leader. Few contact outside the district leads to small factions of like-minded gangs.


Commandeered from a corrupt Monarchy the City State of Breask holds an iron grip over the populace. The laws are absolute and often executed on the spot depending on the situation. Governance is from the Leader a harsh and unforgiving soldier turned ruler. He in turn commands over Captains who rule each district of his land. Each district is regulated down to the man, woman, and child which allows for constant stability but a severe lack of advancement as one gets higher in status. There is merit based advancement but no incentive to expand ones experiences.


Breask is in the south near the equator. While the tundra is not as harsh it still requires a lot of work to farm upon the tundra.

Natural Resources

The land is rich in iron ore


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