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3/27/1126 CE

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Peace is a matter of the scope of the beholder. On a long enough timeline one will see peace or suffering anywhere.   So far as anyone can recall, the world of Saddothra and it's civilized capital of Neverwinter are what most would describe as overall "peaceful". The king of the royal Keenlock family and his lords always seek to innovate the world's power to produce and create beyond the powers just of it's magic users. The craftsman and artisans who service them are content knowing increments of these innovations will trickle down to improve parts of their own lives. Their are few who bother to question in it on a macro scale amongst the rapidly civilizing human world. But anything of beauty has fractures when put under the microscope.   Meanwhile, elves of the north and dwarves and gnomes of the south have remained mostly quiet and segregated among their own in recent history; wary of humans and their quest for evermore power in the name of peace.

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