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shattering death


The reason for this desease is too much essence especally light essence being trapped inside a being. their forms can't take it and the essence tries to crack trough to escape.


symptoms may include:
  • skin cracking open like shattered glass
  • headaches
  • fever
  • glowing skin
  • internal pain
  • insomnia
  • moodswings
  • death
  • a slight bellyache


The most common treatment is to make a mage get the essence out of the inflicted. the infected will then get something to balance the essence out so that it wont return if the afflicted is at risk of being afflicted again.


most of the cases are of mages drawing in too much essence or children not knowing what they are doing once their power awakens. however when the shattering death first appeared no one knew why. it meanwhile occurred that the celestials disruped the essence balance in the world making magic/essence much more prevalent.  
  • The stages begin with a slight pain on the inside and trouble sleeping.
  • It later develops into headaches, burning skin and glowing underneath the skin.
  • Then the afflicteds pain will be increased and the skin will crack open.
  • When that happens it will not be long untill the afflicted burns to a crisp from the inside, or explodes.
  • Affected Groups

    Essence sensitive beings such as people with strong cores are the ones most commonly afflicted by the shattering death, although non essence sensitive beings have been manually afflicted with the disease.


    Many afflicted who are at risk of being afflicted once again will have to wear an element to balance out the essence as to not be afflicted again.


    The shattering death has exsisted since the celestial wars. The shattering death was one of the factors that brought down the Rumari empire. The division of the high elves and wood elves was a byproduct of the elves quarantinging elves afflicted with the shattering death. there has been many more cases throughout history but none with as great consequenses as theese.

    Cultural Reception

    The explosive biproduct of the disease is the reason mage towers exist in the world as exploding high up in the air causes way less damage and forest fiers. most people tend to stay away from people afflicted with the disease.   Elkar who get it are shunned for it showes they might have practiced light magic.

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    Cover image: by Aranea/me


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