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Fading Light Tavern

This pub is run down, the floor has gaps in the wood, there’s a hole in the ceiling and the bar is at an angle.

Purpose / Function

To sell as much alcohol as possible and to give those who cant afford the good mead somewhere to drink and drown their sorrows.


Just the 1 door into the tavern

Sensory & Appearance

This is a pure tavern, there are no rooms to be bought here.    Despite the surroundings this pub does have a warm feel to it.

Contents & Furnishings

Round wooden tables with stools around them, most with coasters under their legs to stop them wobbling.


The pub is incredibly run down. There are small holes in the floor as well as in the roof. There is a hatch leading down the the cellar in the corner of the room which looks battered and well used. The bar is at an angle and drinks tend to slide off the end of the bar.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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