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Rusem is a planet which resembles Earth in terms of its physical characteristics. It has approximately the same size and atmosphere, revolves around a sun and is roughly the same climate. However, the first major difference is that unlike Earth, there is a single continent stretching from pole to pole.   The second major difference is that there are no humans in this world. Instead, the land is populated by eight highly evolved species: three mammalian (Kerites, Ulkins and Bastlam), four avian (Kochulo, Kennara, Kuatli and Kiyan) and one reptilian (Rhessians). Each can be found throughout the continent, congregating in a variety of culturally diverse nations. Technologically speaking the world of Rusem corresponds to Earth’s 15th or 16th century.   Magic was once prominent in Rusem and magic users formed a privileged elite in many nations. However, their misuse of it caused a rupture in the fabric of reality, causing immense destruction and suffering all across the continent. The mages’ efforts to rebuild society deleted the world’s reserves of magic and its practitioners have either faded into obscurity or been ostracized and forced to live in hiding.   As nations begin to consolidate around central authorities and as trade routes are expanded, more cultures are being brought together for better or worse. Rusem is emerging from a past ruled by magic into a new world of trade, upheavals and gunpowder.