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Western Elf

During the great war, the powerful members of the Trispire teleported a large chunk of the city of Lucera to somewhere safe. The city landed in the south of Lake Paupiligon. The High Elf populace soon was embraced by the local Elf population. after years of mixing genetics, a large population of "Amalgam Elves" now exists. Most are very lost about their goals in life. Conflicting genetics and conflicting heritages lead to a race of wanderers and misanthropes. Some seek to start a great trek East to reclaim their High Elven homeland, others seek to go West and move away from encroaching Human settlement. A third faction seeks to continue to live in the area around Lake Paupiligon.


Major language groups and dialects

If your understanding of Elven comes from an Eastern education, you'd have a hard time understanding this language.

Shared customary codes and values

A directionless and confused attitude about where to go in life exists in all parts of this culture.

Common Dress code

Work formal. Hunting clothes and formal outfits are basically the only outfits used by the very frugal culture.

Art & Architecture

The tall white stone towers of High Elf culture have been translated into the treefort wooden style of the Wood Elf cultures. Resulting in tall wooden towers jutting from treetops, connected by bridges and skyways.

Historical figures

Palagor the Magnificent: The Human wizard responsible for the teleportation of the city in 734. Seen as the father of the culture.


Beauty Ideals

Male beauty standards are based on Wood elf looks. Dark complexion, Earthen tones, and furs. Female beauty standards are based on High elf culture. Pale complexion, Flowing gowns, and ornate silvered jewelry.

Gender Ideals

Genders are seen as equals, as the female-dominated Wood elf culture mixed with the male-dominated culture of the high elves. despite a turbulent start, both sides have met in the middle.

Courtship Ideals

Hilariously, each gender's own beauty standards result in confusion about the other genders. Males are expected to craft or find beautiful High Elf styled jewelry, or clothes to gift to a female. While females are expected to gift hunting weapons, and fur based clothes in Wood elf style.

Relationship Ideals

In the end, Western Elf couples are life bonds made before the age of 40. The relationship is that of hunting partners and intellectual peers in a great library.

Major organizations

The Elven Clans.
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

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