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Bri 11th, 1557 RW

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(eh, I wish this could be private, but whatever. I don't really like the tone of this description - sounds like a documentary - but it's good for personal use, and that's all it's for.)   Rune is a patchwork world. It hosts a menagerie of different species and has overwhelming diversity; myths, traditions, and cultures from lost civilizations are perpetuated in fragmented forms throughout the world. The origin of these mother civilizations has been lost to time; the world has forgotten its history.   Rune is a fairly new world, but is inseparably grounded in ancient histories and the things left over. It's just trying to put itself together again and become its own. There are some advanced technologies still available, but there's still so much the world doesn't know, or rather doesn't remember. Rune and its peoples have an inherent magic, which intertwines with and informs technology, blending together to create a strangely modern world.   Rune is built on this idea of separate things being woven together. Different peoples approach this in vastly different ways, but none can stay completely disconnected. The world has all the struggles and flaws that come with a disparity of opinion and the feeling both of overwhelming difference and sameness.

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