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As Jarl of one of Órsiar's 7 holds, the bearer of this esteemed title governs their respective hold and takes care of their people's everyday needs and grievances. A jarl also holds a seat on the Council of Pledges. Every Jarl to be chosen by their predecessors are known to inherit their Jarl's unique powers, this is seen by the common-folk as the divine justification of the gods for their Jarldom.


Officially, there are no strict qualifications to become a Jarl, but you must have been judged worthy and chosen by the previous jarl of the land. Feats of strength, honour, or intelligence are a few of many ways to earn respect from a jarl.


Since the beginning, the title of Jarl has been passed to and from the most esteemed individuals of the land. The current Jarl must choose their successor based on their own judgment of that person's character. Once the current jarl has made their decision, they will invite all people to travel to the capital, to bear witness to their choice. At this ceremony, the jarl anoints this person to become their successor, with the eyes of all to see. Feasts, tourneys, and lively celebration follow suit. The current jarl then continues their duties as jarl until the day of their death, when the chosen one is lifted fully to the position of Jarl.


A Jarl has the responsibility to protect and preserve life in the hold of their governance, though every Jarl has different ways of carrying out this duty.


The Jarl of a hold has the job of governing that hold in its day-to-day life. The Jarl does everything from listening to and appeasing the grievances of the common folk, to infrastructural decisions in the cities, and even settling land disputes on the frontiers.


As the main governor of a hold, the Jarl holds much power over their people livelihoods, and sits atop a comfortable establishment of inhereted wealth. It is also notable that each Jarl has distinct magical power.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Each Jarl wears a unique jewel around their necks, each a display of that hold's landscape and reputation. All 7 jewels can be brought together to adorn The Crown of the High King.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It is believed that each Jarl has a destiny to fulfill as a ruler, and so through many a dark time, the people and, more importantly, the other lords of Orsiar have remained faithful to their Jarl. Apparently, this strategy has worked thus far, as every Jarl to rule has accomplished grand things for Orsiar

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Source of Authority
The Jarls have been respected by their people for thousands of years; since the first Jarls. Their awe-striking divine abilities and acknowledgement from previous Jarls keep the people believing in their right to rule.
Length of Term
From the death of the predeceasing Jarl, to their own death

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