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The Demons of the Dark

"Welcome my friend!" a voice greets you as you enter the smoky tavern. Your gaze immediately travels to the old man in the corner cradling a mug of coffee in one hand. He beckons you closer and you hesitantly advance, warnings about strangers clanging loudly in your head. "I heard you asking around in the square about stories parents tell their children to make them behave. Interesting questions, if you ask me. Please, sit sit." "Very well, I am curious about it. I have a few children at home myself." "Ahh, that would explain it. I'll tell you the most popular then. They're a group of- I was going to say people, but I don't think the myths say that they are people. They're a group of... things, that live around every town. They carry giant longbows along with swords, knives, and other terrible weapons. I tell my children that if they don't behave, one of the Demons of the Dark would carry them off to become one of them. That really gets the kids to obey. The Demons supposedly live in the forests surrounding the villages. The story is so ridiculous that it's hard to keep a straight face while telling my children. Of course, I've seen shady people around here, but they land nowhere near as bad as the 'Demons.'" "You mean someone like the man sitting in the corner over there?" you say, pointing to a person sitting in the corner of the tavern.  The cowl of his dark cloak was pushed back to show a young, clean shaven face with an amused look. A longbow leaned casually against the wall next to him. The man was looking directly at the storyteller who hastily turned back to you.  "Aye, something like him. I just remembered, I have to go...go feed the pigs. That's right. Nice talking with you." The man stood up and nearly ran out the door. The cloaked person's gaze slowly left the back of the retreating man and turned back to you. He smiled, but the gesture sent shivers up and down your spine, because, somehow, the smile never really reached the man's eyes.

In Art

There is a song called, Beware Naughty Children that warns the young people of Asteri to remember their manners with their authorities.

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