The forest of Eldaran is a lightly wooded place, lying on the eastern edge of Albion. It was for the last millenium, until a few years ago, the homeland of the elves. Their touch is still felt on this place and it is a strange and magical location. The woodsmen of the east do not go far in, still suspicious of what seems like a forest of living trees.


When the Demon Prince came and the fey nation was slaughtered at the Battle of The Bloodwood, the fey moved from the cursed forest and took up life in Eldaran which was a much smaller wood and more easily catered for their numbers.  


The fey stayed here for a thousand years, until the Chaos Wars, when the ghosts of the Sylvarran in the Elvenwood were laid to rest and then they returned there and rebuilt Sylvandale.   No one knows who has moved in to take the place of the fey now they have gone.  

News and Rumour

The animals are apparently returning to the southern stretches of this wood.