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Exceptionally large spiders with human faces and hands. Generally hated by other races for obvious reasons, they are fearful and distrusting from youth up. They enjoy traveling in groups when possible, for they are terrified of a great many things, including the dark. Their timid, uneasy nature often drives them to lash out at anyone and anything they do not understand. Xinra tend to be very smart but suffer from loneliness and depression.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Xinra favor the open spaces of the central plains and can frequently be found perched in solitary trees, which gives them a vantage point to survey the area for incoming dangers.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Sexual dimorphism is almost nonexistent among Xinra. This combined with their lack of an established societal structure only makes for occasionally awkward mating encounters.

Courtship Ideals

As isolationists, courtship is generally difficult for Xinra, so when two isolated Xinra meet, even a barely present emotional connection is sometimes enough for a mature Xinra to establish a physical connection.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Xinra often learn to speak from the time they spend with their parents, if any time is spent with them at all. It has been observed that they most frequently pick up Sedunic.


Though not having strong enough communities to transmit an accurate picture of their species history, Solari scribes believe that this race was an early creation of the Ancients, though the purpose for such an abomination is a mystery. Because of this, Solari believe misfortune will befall any person who attacks a Xinra unprovoked.

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