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Thyruun are a race with a history that stretches back farther than that of any race, with a dynamic and unique culture and a colorful language. Living within the Arda mountain range to the west of the great continent, they enjoy the peace and tranquility that years of turmoil and fear have bought them. Thyruun themselves do not call themselves by that name, instead preferring to identify themselves by their race (Kuka, Budu, Manana, Awana), as if each race was a different species altogether. The word Thyruun comes from a Havek Leung word that the Vjor-Muin use as their designation.

Basic Information


Thyruun have angular features that differentiate them from other species in Rhamas. This usually demonstrates itself in pointed ears and noses, but strong lines in their jaws and brows are not uncommon. They also possess a light skeletal structure, which allows them heightened mobility, speed, and dexterity.

Ecology and Habitats

Thyruun find themselves most at home in forested and rocky areas where they can use their multi-directional mobility to its full.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Thyruun are omnivorous, but their diet contains a large amount of meat, which is readily available in the forests where they dwell. Hunting has become something of a sport in their culture.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All members of the species who live within the normal social confines of their species strive to live their life in concordance with the actions of their supreme leader, the Aketipa.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Aside from a few scattered encampments, Thyruun are found exclusively in the Arda mountain range.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

The dominating gender of the species changes to match the current Aketipa, though the changes are not always extreme. When the Aketipa is male, the society favors males, and when the Aketipa is female, the society favors females.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The primary language of all Thyruun races is Mikizi, though more educated members of the species also speak Sedunic, as it is taught in most Budu schools. The least educated of the species are often found speaking a messy hybridization of the two.

Budu, Kuka, Manana, Awana
80-140 years
Average Height
5-6 feet

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