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Commonly called Saviha by the Thyruun people, the Sharayeva are a nearly extinct species of avian humanoid. Usually brutal and animalistic in nature, many Sharayeva used to enjoy making prey out of the other species on Rhamas, especially Thyruun. Though they are cannibalistic hunters by culture, they are completely capable of higher thought, in fact they make brilliant strategists and philosophers. They are the only known sentient species capable of flight and and are known for their shimmering skin. After years of viciously hunting the Thyruun people, the Thyruun replied in kind, eventually hunting the Sharayeva nearly to extinction.

Basic Information


Though having an overall humanoid body shape, the Sharayeva have notably lighter and more fragile bones and larger muscles. This, paired with their majestic wings, allows them semi-sustainable flight.

Ecology and Habitats

Though they can naturally find themselves at home anywhere, the hunting of these creatures would have confined them to more isolated locations, if any are still alive in the wild.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Though it is not a biological requirement, the Sharayeva seem to have a preference for meat.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Once hunted, their flesh is often worn as a badge of courage and strength by the Thyruun people.

Facial characteristics

Sharayeva tend to have angular features that are reminiscent of those possessed by the Thyruun and Vjor-Muin.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only can be found in Mirsethil and reportedly in the deadly swampland of the far west.

Conservation Status
The city of Mirsethil is the only known safe sanctuary for the remainder of this majestic race.

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