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The native language of the Thyruun people. Most commonly spoken by Budu Thyruun, due to their higher levels of education. Though it has been standardized in Budu schools, Kuka and Manana Thyruun speak far less refined and more localized versions of the language. The language is broken into syllables instead of unique sounds, with most letters being a consonant sound followed by a vowel sound. Beginning a word with a vowel sound usually ascribes the word a level of honor or importance, depending on the context. Some Vjor-Muin scholars have claimed that the language shares roots with Havek Leung, since it seems to have the same basic syntax and grammar, even though much of the Miziki vocabulary appears to be highly onomatopoeic.

Geographical Distribution

Spoken only in the Arda mountain range and a few other Thyruun settlements.

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