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As war and violence begin to slowly creep across the once peaceful land of Rhamas, countless refugees have found themselves fleeing for their lives. Amidst the chaos, however, the grand city of Mirsethil stands as a beacon of hope. In the language of the Ancients, that name is said to represent peace among many, as the city alone is the only major settlement that welcomes a variety of different species into its walls. It rulers claim that the city is a veritable utopia where peace and cooperation dictate the lives its inhabitants. Though its customs are bizarre, the people living there seem truly happy, at least on the outside.


The city is rules over by a council of elected officials, one of each species residing within the city walls.


The founders of the city claim that approximately one hundred years ago, they were visited by a member of the Ancients who instructed them to build a settlement welcoming all into its walls. Though it started as only a few small buildings and watchtowers, the combined might and wisdom of the many nationals who gathered there quickly led to its rapid expansion and power.


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