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Festival of Blazes

As a general celebration of the Thyruun's rich and unique history, the Festival of Blazes is held once a year in the town of Amobonomo towards the southernmost part of the Arda mountain range.


It is believed by the Thyruun that the first Aketipa saved them from the Saviha with the help of Osolo, the prime Enefeshi, who is said to have sent fire from the sky to consume the Aketipa's enemies. After hundreds of years, Badaru, a lone swamp traveler claimed to have seen that majestic display of power again. No one believed him, and he was killed as a heretic. In an attempt to prove his innocence, he left behind a map that led to where he claimed to see it near where the town of Amobonomo now stands. Years after that, the current Aketipa heard of this injustice and sent a search party to that location. They, too, saw the fire in the sky and realized that it was actually a yearly celestial event. Every year from then on, that day was set aside to celebrate Osolo and the victory of the Thyruun.


The event usually boils down to an enormous party in the town of Amobonomo every year, including food, dancing, plays and other celebratory festivities.

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