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A loan word from the Sedunic term Archetypal, the Aketipa is the supreme and unquestioned leader of the Thyruun people as a whole.


Among the Budu Thyruun there exists a special family tree, set apart from the rest of the nation, the descendants of the house of Nyri. Once a qualified and healthy member of this house reaches their thirtieth birthday, they are ascended to the position, regardless of the age or status of their predecessor.


The Aketipa is said to be the ultimate example of conduct and lifestyle among the people of the Thyruun, and their actions and choices dictate the day to day life of their subjects. They are expected to live in such a way that their people will enjoy enriched lives.


When the literally bloodthirsty people known by the Thyruun as Shaviha invaded the Arda mountains, Avastona Nyri led a band of Budu hunters to complete victory over the invaders, saving the lives of thousands.

Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Vaston (Avastona) Nyri became the first bearer of this title when he led the Budu people to complete victory over the Shaviha invaders that threatened to wipe them out. In his honor, the title has been passed down through his family tree for generations.
Alternative Naming
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