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Revolutions Earth

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Welcome to a world of fantasy, magic, adventure, machine, and war . Wherever you look, a different flavor of story awaits you.   A world that mimics our own - however that is where similarities end. A world once run by magic is now on the verge of losing that power, and all groups from around the globe try to find new life in a world of diminished magic.   In different parts of the world, some countries wage wars of magic and machine; but at the same time, in another land, a mass of adventurers explore uncharted frontiers.   And the center of it all, a gigantic moon sits idly on the world's surface, as a constant reminder of the tragedy that shifted the balance of the world.

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Revolutions: Odyssey

Homebrew / In Development

To the World's End

Trails of the Afterglow / Midnight

Homebrew / In Development

The Final Campaign in the Solstice Arc