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King Darnell Cunning

King Darnell Richard Cunning

"King Darnell Cunning the eighth, morally questionable, bit of a dick, but he's from Aedial so no surprise there."                   -Alaster Broken, Mercenary      King Darnell Cunning is the King of Aedial, and has passed many laws to ensure the "Success and Happiness" of Aedial. He's morally questionable, and most of his laws are to protect slavery and signing off on executions.    Notorious among Kingdoms like Gypsy, Preincipal, Runia, and Jestovia for his impulsive and offensive actions. Aedial cut off relations with those countries after The Gypsy War started by King Darnell.    King Darnell wasn't the one who made the majority of Aedial's laws, but he upholds and protects them, making him a bit of an insult in some Countries. In some Kingdoms, people don't name their children Darnell because of how much of a slur it's become.   "C'mon, don't be a Darnell."

Year of Birth
1350 TR 34 Years old

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