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On behalf of Chapter Leader, Classified

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Fire is... willpower. Fire is life. Fire is protection. Darkness is... death. Darkness is danger. Darkness is the end. We are the Ember Guards. We guard the flame. For if the flame dies... all is lost.
— ElementalShrike, Grand Historian of the Ember Guards
  A fan-world for the remEMBER chapter of World Anvil. Maybe, later, a host for a remEMBER role-playing game.  
The world is an unforgiving one. It is said, long ago, that there were massive ships that traveled the stars, giant towers that soared to the sky. It is said that, long ago, there were people of many races living in peace. We, back then, must have thought ourselves invincible, a grave slight to them. Then... they came. They hit one of the largest... cities... with a rock the size of our lands. It left a crater twenty kilometers wide. They landed their troops, sweeping across the world, demolishing all that could be destroyed. The technique was called... desolation... they dropped their drones over our homeworld, killing all that could be killed.
They intended to make our homeworld never bear sentient life again. They were wrong. Through the ashes of our empire, a small group on a small island escaped destruction. Three hundred and eighty one souls, living on what we called the Anchor Stone of His canoe. We called Him a legend... we thought we knew all. But He was not a legend, and in humanity's time of trouble, He himself came to our rescue. Science could not explain this, but then again we no longer cared for science. We needed a way to fight back. He gave us the holy flame, that burns without smoke, and bashes away the darkness of the world. And then He returned to slumber, leaving us to defend the world.
The fire... our world's guard... it must be powered by imagination. Creativity. Everything that makes a human... human. If you are reading this classified page, you have been identified as a candidate for Ember Guard, one of the few, the brave, the brilliant of the Thousand of the Isle. So tell us, are you willing to bear the burden of the world on your back? Are you willing to vow: to write, to forge, and to remEMBER? If so... welcome to the Ember Guards.