Sacred Wilds

The Sacred Wilds are the main home and territory of the apotychia, or the Trees, as they call themselves. King Rister gave this section of the Dusk Island to Shira Steelbeard and her army of Trees as thanks for their aid in the war. It is decreed that no citizen of the Twilight Kingdom may hunt, claim land, mine, chop trees, or even enter the Sacred Wilds. It is a completely off limits reserve that is entirely within the control of the Trees. Anyone entering without either King Rister or Queen Shira's direct go ahead is to be tried in the crown's court. These lands are by far the most full and unadulterated of any on the entire island, and are home to the island's biggest population of fauna.


Led entirely by Queen Shira Steelbeard.

Natural Resources

A massive plethora of flora and fauna, as well as an incredibly rare species of boar.

Shira Steelbeard


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