Lore of the Lost 5: Candlenights Week

Candlenights Week is an event usually held from the 25th-31st of Docermaast. It's based on the legend of a small town that banded together during one especially harsh winter to stand up against Krumpett and his band of evil-does. The legend says that eventually they did win, but not before being saved by a great warrior named Saata Claws, and his group of helpers. The traditions of Candlenights usually feature the exchanging of gifts, giving thanks to another year survived, ceremonial use of candles throughout, and an overall feeling of unity and shared joy that loved ones have survived alongside us.


The exact history of Candlenights is unknown, but legend tells of a great fight to save the town of Christmas, one side consisting of the townsfolk and their hero Saata, and the other side comprising of terrible beasts lead by the evil Krumpett.

You know Dasken and Daekom And Pralvek and Vilten, Colrek and Cuvolt And Donsten and Blaigen. But do you recall The apex that killed them all?   Rodult the red-nosed apex Had a very small physique And if you ever saw it You would even say he's weak All of the other apex Used that laugh and cause him pain They never thought poor Rodult Would amount to anything!   Then one foggy Candelnights Eve Rodult said enough He made this one a bloody night He finally put up a fight With cunning that none had expected And a surprising taste for anguished screams Rodult the red-nosed apex Slaughtered his whole family!


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