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Honorable, Strong, and proud are the race of the Ajantie the lionfolk of Nocturne native and proud dwellers of Nocturne and often quick to remember the fact that they have held residence far before any man. Their people populate the many areas of the land albeit few in number after the massive losses they took in the War of the Comet. Yet even so their people are that of great freedom and pride, and their nature often greatly varies by the type of Ajantie to which you are speaking to. Whether it be the more common Blackmane from the south to the prideful and large Firemanes from the Midwest who are only eclipsed in ferocity by the Frostmanes in the far North.   In the end the Ajantie are largely a respected race, Held in high regard and often known to be individuals of their word yet even so their are many who see them as little more than intimidating beast that are just waiting for the next war to arrive.     Racial Traits     Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 2.   Darkvision:   Age: Ajantie consider themselves adults at age 33. They commonly live about 150 years, but some have lived as long as 180 years, despite those Ajantie being markedly infirm by that time.   Alignment: Ajantie value order and honor above all things, tending towards law. Ajantie have a strong disposition towards good, but when pushed to follow the rules or follow their heart, many will choose the former.   Size: Ajantie are tall and muscular, standing between 6'2” and 7'2” when they reach adulthood. They usually weigh around 200–270 lbs. Your size is Medium.   Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.   Brave: You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.   Lionhearted: When you roll your Hit Dice to regain hit points, you may add your Strength modifier to the hit points gained, in addition to your Constitution modifier.   Meaty Grasp: You may use the higher damage die of versatile weapons while wielding the weapon in one hand.   Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Beast Speech. Beast Speech is a language exclusive to beastfolk, derived from their own need for cultural identity and privacy. Beast Speech is simple, emphasizing many words involving the letter n, and words can have multiple, but similar, meanings, so it is a language where misinterpretation can easily occur. Beast Speech uses the Slyvan script.   Subraces: The three major Subraces of Ajantie are as follows   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Frostmane: The wolves of the north, often seen as barbaric beast that know little more than bloodshed and war, yet the Frostmane hold oath bound hearts that are far from dishonorable albeit chaotic. Yet even so their is no challenge to great that a Frostmane is not willing to take in order to prove his superiority in the pack, such efforts like these often leads to the many reckless deaths of the weak and the arrival of some of the most formidable warriors known to man.   Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom score increases by 1.   Leonin Brutality: Frostclaw Ajantie instinctively work with other members of their pride to take down prey. When you and an ally are both within 5 feet of a hostile creature, that ally has a +2 bonus on the first damage roll it makes against that creature on each of its turns.  

  Firemane: Where Frostclaw Ajantie are zealous, firemane Ajantie are more measured, and they tend to look before they leap. This gives them a tendency towards positions of leadership, such as military officers and political advisers. Some even work as high up as governorship, and a few Ajantie have become Lord Governor since the war of the comet Firemane Ajantie are called such due to their thick red manes that makes their faces look ablaze. Generally live on the mainland in the plains or in Nocturne soil   Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 1.     Leonin Tactics: As natural leaders, firemane Ajantie have an easy time both capturing a foe's attention and providing allies a means of escape. If you and an ally are both within 5 feet of a creature, you can use your reaction on your ally's turn to allow that ally to Disengage as a bonus action.  
  Blackmane: tough, sly, and most of all adaptable. These Ajantie never forget a debt and they Never forgive. Being true residents of Greybogs the Blackmanes are much more adaptable than normal Ajantie learning to survive and thrive anyway they can. This by no means means they are no less Honorable than other Ajantie, just their loyalties are a little more. . . lax. Blackmanes hold lying as a disgrace of their feline tongues many would believe this to be a hindrance but many Blackmanes get what they want all while keeping their cards close to their chests.   Ability Score increase: Your dexterity score increase by 1     Leonin Adaptability: No Blackmane falls for the same trick twice. You have advantage on any spell, trap, or martial saving throw forced upon if you have experienced the effect before from a non-ally creature. Additionally you have a hard time letting go of grudges.  

Basic Information


The Composition of an Ajanties varies greatly whether you are a southern born feline variation of the Blackmane to their far cousins of the Frostmanes in the far north who take on a far more canine appearance.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Ajantie albeit a smaller population by comparison to some of the other major races such as the Humans, are generally well distributed throughout the humanoid cities and townships and make up a small population of each and can generally be seen in many regions of Nocturne their highest population being located in the Midwest.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ajantie posses an incredible sensory array with an excellent sense of smell, hearing, and sight that allow them top surpass almost any difficult to pass environment through their heightened senses, this is especially true when speaking of the keenly aware Blackmanes.

130 years
Average Height
6'2 - 7'3 feet tall
Average Weight

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