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Hanabek blacksmith

Purpose / Function

To build weapons, decorations, etc… for purpose of selling and trading.


Originally after it was burned down it was heavily rebuilt the same but adding a working area for the blacksmith.


House is primarily build out of wood on a stone supporter it primary not coloured but was slowly gaining greenery. The style of the house who cuz of a northern man who moved to the town and wanted to add a bit of his cultural within the town.


It has a small lined fence with strong walls, however it is poorly defended against attacks but it will survive natural disasters.


Originally it was common house to family but a lighting strike hit the building burning the place down. The citizen would build it back up, but due to the family death nobody lived in there. Until a young southern-eastern man came and looked for a place to stay, the locals offered him the house. He asked if they can change some parts by adding things for a blacksmith. It now the workplace and home Anwar Kowalski, where he builds weapons and decorations for the town.
Founding Date
31 December 1230
Alternative Names
Eastern smith
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners

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