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Bûknuk Inn (Boknuk Inn)

Purpose / Function

Bûknuk purpose is for local tourism for traders, travelers, troops, etc… for food and resting place for tourists or travelers. It also serves a purpose for the locals, for farmers to lay back and have a good time.


The only entry and exit for guests is the front door, there are windows however they are mainly locked.

Sensory & Appearance

The smell of sweat and fire is nearly every the light around coming from the lanterns on the walls, mainly a warm feeling of laughs and company will fill the room.

Contents & Furnishings

Beside the tables and chairs around a main part is the bar table/kitchen where are the food is commonly made.


The whole rebuild of the building itself adding the tavern part but keeping the underground part.


It mainly a made out of wood for the walls with a base made out of stone, however it is one of the few houses roof built out of clay. Clay tiles, that protects the house better. The place is surrounded with glass a few see through and a few red. On the side is a small stable for farm animals and riding ones.


A wire that release a poison arrow into the victim near the lock door.


The building was originally a place for sleep for the soldiers, it was one of the firs building build at the camp. After the abandoning the camp and it becomes a town, a man decided to rebuilt the place. When he was an old man done building the place he gave his place to his daughter as the place was afterwards open as an inn. It also became a point for people to find bounties or rumours of locations.


The best of it’s the food, the food made out of traditional ingredients and strong culture of the Hanabek people. It’s also a good place to rest for travelers or traders so they can continue their work without dying.
Founding Date
28 November 1023
Alternative Names
Lucky inn
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Characters in Location

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