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Session 4 (LW)


General Summary

Beset upon by a band of pirates lead by the notorious pirate, Captain Paseo, while in an onsen, the group found themselves in a prickly situation. Lance confronted a pirate in the male changing room. Ren warns Rika and Zoe of the danger, and decided to follow Lance. Meanwhile, Captain Paseo decides to surprise K'rist and apprehend her while Rika was preparing herself. As Ren and Lance scuffled with pirates in the next room, Captain Paseo led the hostage K'rist while pirates attempted to deal with Rika. The group was about to surrender when reinforcements from Kenji and Chisato came to save the day, after having their own battle in the inn proper. The battle was multi-pronged, yet effective, and the threat was eliminated. They asked Captain Paseo a few more questions about her strange journey from The Dirge to the west, and Ren implied that they may meet on more amicable terms, before Kenji shooed the pirates on their way.   After gaining a reward from the onsen keeper, and finally getting their due and proper rest, the group traveled onward toward their next destination in Kagoshima, as the weeks turns autumn toward winter, and Zoe continued to perform her abilities of Ceremony on those who might need it along their way. Upon reaching the seaside town of Kagoshima in the southwestern corner of the country. Along the way, Rika and Ren spent a heartfelt evening in a busy tavern alone, where they got to know each other more intimately, away from the prying eyes of the group. Once reaching Kagoshima, and after conducting various affairs in town, they made their way to the mountainous shrine near the edge of town. As Zoe attended a funeral, the group learned that there was a problem: deep within a cave lied the shrine Zoe would need, but there was a fearsome beast that had taken occupancy in the cave. The group decided to take it upon themselves to clear the beast without any aid. After roaming the cave which seemed to be littered with dig marks, they found the creature itself, a horrifying Umber Hulk, which they slayed in due time.   That night, the group spent their time discussing their pasts and their relations to one another over dinner, learning much about each other. Odd revealed his strange orb to the group, which Ren had only just saved a few weeks before. When K'rist attempted to magically inspect the stone, she was given a blast of powerful radiant energy, which nearly put her under had she not have been surrounded by medicinally proficient magic users. Later, Odd spoke on his feelings apologetically with K'rist. Ren was put to bed by Rika, in his drunken state, while outside, Odd spent some time praying at the shrine angrily, cursing the gods for how this gift from Yami in his possession hurt someone he cared about. The bell of the shrine rang on its own when his back was turned. That night he was cursed with foul nightmares, but woke up either way unperturbed.

Rewards Granted

Reward of money from the pirates at the onsen.

Missions/Quests Completed

Save the onsen. Visit the third Anchor. Clear the cavern of the Umber Hulk. Prime the Conduit.

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Report Date
20 Jan 2019
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