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Session 10 (LW)

Night's Light

General Summary

The group's plans were set: they were going to help Xun, her little brother Chen, and Xi by getting their entire family unit to a safer location away from Kajiwara. Xun explained her destination to be a small town south of Mihama, but the group suggested this is a poor idea. They recommended Kenji's old apartment in Ezoshi, but this was denied by Xun, who would not be able to find work there. It was eventually determined that they be taken to Zoe's town of Gifu, which had a similar style of living to Mihama, but was also very far away from the greedy fingers of Kajiwara's grasp. Meanwhile, Ren intended to rob Kajiwara blind. For this, Xi explained he would be willing to aid the group in their journey, using the Ephemeris to guide their path.   That night, however, chaos came to a head. The group decided to split: part of them meeting with Xun and Chen at the shrine to lead them out of town, with Ren and Odd doing their best to investigate the Kajiwara estate and attempt to rob him and injure him financially.   However, Kajiwara had learned of Xun hiding pearls from him that evening. By the time Ren arrived at the estate, Xun had already left to get her stash, and Chen was being punished. Kajiwara collected several of his personal guards and left the estate to hunt her down. Ren invaded the estate, helped free Chen and get him to safety, and then did his best to invade Kajiwara's estate. He was quickly discovered, and a tense standoff ensued, wherein Ren had to attack and maim one of the aides of Kajiwara, before finding a secret safe, unlocking it, and stealing some valuables within. He quickly left under guise of a mask into the cover of darkness, reuniting with Odd and Chen, and hurrying into the woods.   At the same time, Xun had encountered K'rist, Zoe, and Lance at the shrine. On this good fortune, she revealed that she had been hiding her stash in the shrine Honden, under the floorboards. With magic, Lance and Zoe raced to the Honden, praying as quickly and devoutly as possible before breaking in to the sacred room that housed the Vestiges themselves. Zoe found the location with the loose floorboards, discovering a small bag of pearls as well as a strange gem-like egg. They decided to take both and run! At this time, K'rist and Xun could see Kajiwara's men marching in their direction. When the group reunited, they contacted Odd in the woods, and quickly hurried eastward up the forested mountainside to meet in a clearing.   The night passed. The group learned the strange object found with Xun's stash was none other than a couatl egg. K'rist felt the need to keep the egg, but the group rejected this idea, suggesting that it wasn't theirs to keep. With some instance, the group waited out the night, awakening to the signs of smoke. Ren went to investigate, and found out that the mage college and orphanage had been burned down. When Kajiwara was unable to locate Xun, or her stash, and when he was informed that Chen was taken and his estate robbed, he went to investigate Xi. When he learned Xi had also fled, he began to burn down Lubbock's center of knowledge as retribution. It was learned later that Lubbock was able to help all the other children escape.   Lance also was inevitably granted the couatl egg to return to the shrine. On his way there, when returning it to the Honden, he met with a person, who altered its visage to present itself as the living couatl. Lance quickly left the egg, apologized for taking it, and ran away. Meanwhile, the group spoke to Xi and siblings. He was gracious for the assistance, and had nothing left, having all his possessions destroyed in the mage college's fire. He decided to travel with the group for the safety of his siblings. The group made their way across Ezo, back toward Gifu, meeting Zoe's surprised father and brother. Rin offered to help get Xun and Chen set up with a simple life in Gifu, and after some time was spent together, the group departed once more from Gifu.   Their next goal was Aomori, to investigate in some supplies before the ventured to the next destination - a shrine located somewhere to the south near the mountains of the central countryside. However, they came upon a very strange sight of manic people filling the town of Aomori. This required investigating...

Missions/Quests Completed

Saved Xi's family.
Report Date
24 Mar 2019
Primary Location


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