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Quartz, the Crystal City

The glistening city, brighter than any other.


Human and dwarves, minor elven communities, as well as small tiefling and saurian nomadic tribes.


The monarchy controls the society, taxing the populace and offering full defense of the citizenry behind the large walls of the capital city.

Industry & Trade

Mining, particular that of crystal and gems, and glassworking.

Guilds and Factions

The Dwarven Imperium of Azar operates in direct alliance with Quartz, mining the precious gems for resale in the overworld.


In the period of Reconstruction, many small townships and homesteads had been formed in the north of the former Opaline Empire, forming its own unique identity from that of the former empire, more inspired by Occidental trends forming in the Holy Empire and The Ruby Kingdoms. In time, the city itself was formed, and was left relatively to its own devices due to its remote location near the north coast of the Western Orient.   The city was never truly prosperous, and was largely agricultural until an alliance was made with the nearby Imperium of Azar. Azar sought connections to the rest of the world after the Moon's Cry, while Quartz sought trade. In time however, it was learned that the Imperium had vast riches of gems and jewels that they were largely hoarding, due to lack of connections to the rest of the world. The government sought a trade agreement with the Imperium to share the wealth. A deal with struck, and very quickly, both nations became vastly wealthy beyond their wildest desires.   The monarchy solidified, boasting rare magics, glasswork, and a sturdy, defensible city that stands unique and stunning with few equals.


Largely stone, with intricate glasswork covering essentially every wall.


A city split betwixt by a rainbow coloured river filled with seaglass, which leads out to the ocean off to the north. Bordered by a large mountain range to the west, and open steppes in all directions to the east.

Natural Resources

All manner of gems, primarily: quartz, agate, azuritemalachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, citrines, onyx, peridot, zircon, amber, amethyst, rubies, and more.
Inhabitant Demonym
Serene Citizens


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