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Histories of The Patron

The First Age and the Frozen Years

  In the early years of life on Rakuen, the gods fortified their universe as they saw fit. Using their own powers, they crafted a world that suited them, one they intended to have only for themselves and their followers on the planet below. The Patron had little strength, as he was on his first birth. However, he saw an opportunity to sew discord among humanity of the time. Champions of the gods in this time were rewarded greatly for their efforts, and sometimes had the opportunity to join the Gods as part of their holy pantheon. Although they would never rival the Vestiges in strength, those inducted into the pantheon were given untold amounts of power and influence over the multiverse.   The Patron plotted to ally himself with a group of adventurers who sought out to stop the invasion of Father Llymic upon this realm, as it was said his coming was neigh, would blot out the sun, and would reign terror upon the realm. What was not known is that Father Llymic was already contained in the South Pole, with no influence at all upon the realm with the coming of The Vestiges. By performing a ritual with The Patron's aid, Father Llymic was awoken, and began to terrorize the planet, launching it into a terrifying Ice Age, and slaughtering The Patron's party.   This chaos allowed The Patron to focus his ambitions on luring his masters to the Material Plane from the Far Realm. Unfortunately, prompted by The Vestiges themselves, the Heroes of Light defeated Father Llymic, saving the world from an endless ice age, and restoring the Sun. In attempting to save Llymic, The Patron intervened with all his power, but was eventually slain. His body recollected with The First Flame, where he lied in wait pitifully as the world recovered from his devious plot.  

The Second Age and the War of Ruin

  The Patron was angered by The Vestiges interference with his plans. Understanding the threat they now posed to allowing him to lead his brethren from the Far Realms to the Material Plane, he decided that his best course of action would be to neuter the gods in order to further enact his plans without their interference. Much to his dismay, The Vestiges summoned demigods to enhance their own strength while focusing on the maintenance of the multiverse.   This time, he influenced Zargon attempt and overtake the realm of humanoids. This was a long ploy, and for that, The Patron attempted to bait out his ambitions to distract the demigods and The Vestiges. This time, he mingled amongst humanity, adopting his first human form after a failed lich's physical body. He associated with the lowest of thieves and the highest of kings for thousands of years, making sure his name and personality was never more than a bell's toll away.   With this influence, he consorted to end the world through perpetual warfare. The greatest empress would assail each other, forcing any humans and demigods to be distracted while Zargon grew in strength. In time, the world wars reached their peak, and Zargon was born. None were prepared for his rise, and this gave The Patron a chance to make lightning strike twice. He used his devious manners to convince a group of Necromancer's to re-summon the visage he stole's previous form, The Patron thus imparting some of himself into that being, creating his own demigod known as The Whispered One. Using the wars and chaos of Zargon to their advantage, The Whispered One ascended to godhood, and used his powers to seal away The Vestiges.   With The Patron's aid, The Whispered One sought to open a portal to the Far Realm with the Eldest. Only through lucky planning and epic heroics were the Heroes of Light able to defeat Zargon, The Whispered One, and The Patron. The Patron retreated once again to the First Flame to recuperate after his loss.  

The Fourth Age and the Spellplague

  The Third age was marked as one without gods. Only the remaining demigods to survive after the entrapment of The Vestiges and the War of Ruin were able to continue on. This left the world weakened, and The Patron was certainly tempted to use his wiles once again. But this time he set about to planning, and waiting, for a more appropriate time to act.   During the Third Age, the demigods used their ambitions to summon new deities to this world, ones in the likeness of the Vestiges. Through many adventures, first the Eternia gods were created, then the Eidolons. These two likenesses of Gods did not get along, and it created a tumultous landscape on the planet. Eventually, as the Eternia and Eidolatria bickered amongst themselves, The Titans were summoned by foolish humanoids in search of more gods. These Titans lorded upon the world, necessitating the birth of the Primordials to counteract the Titans. This foolish endeavour had so many godlike being roaming the planet that it resulted in the Cataclysm.   Throughout this period, The Patron used this chaos and the splitting of the universes to channel energy directly from the Far Realm to construct The Monoliths. These massive creations were meant to summon Atropus, and would take many generations to complete, but The Patron was patient, and let the Third Age come and go with the satisfaction that he was forgotten to time, along with his plans.   When the Monoliths were constructed, and Atropus was on his way to the Material Plane, he had to make sure that the cosmic beingsn of the Eternia would not notice. He continued using his influence to allow the Eidolons to escape their vessels, further weakening The Moon, and distracting The Sun. However, a new problem arose from The Patron: humanity. Humanity was in the middle of a golden age of magic, using the Weave to crate all manner of miraculous feats. Although this problem wasn't implicit, the reality that so much of humanity had an understanding of the Arcane meant that their odds of driving away Atropus were much higher than ever before.   The Patron decided to play on the misguided ambitions of some mages whose ambitions did not match their better knowledge. He convinced the Three Brothers - Lythis, Tausil, and Sekh - to use their powers together to create Wyld Magick, in order to use magic as they pleased rather than tapping into the Weave itself. These three befriended and aided the rise of Kyuss, who sought to become a god. Through channeling Wyld Magick, Kyuss was able to work his ambitions undetected by the Eternia, while they dealt frivolously with the Eidolons and the Moon's Cry. This gave Kyuss and The Brothers time to execute their plan, to twist The Weave and Wyld Magick to form an even more powerful form of magic to rival the gods.   The plan failed, and began the Spellplague, a horrifying event where magic was sapped from the planet, causing horrific events all around. The Moon's Cry happened unimpeded by the deities, Kyuss began to rule over swathes of land with his armies, Atropus arrived and began raising the dead, and humanity was stripped of its godlike power and knowledge. In time, however, Kyuss was defeated by heroic adventurers of Eternia. This aided the gods in restoring The Weave and Wyld Magick to their former selves, now under their domain. And with the restoration of magic, new heroes sought to slay Atropus while the Eternia gods contained the Moon's Cry, enveloping the Eidolons that had escaped, as well as the foul plaguewrought Eidolons that were destroyed by the lack of magic, known only as The Gloom. With Kyuss dead, Atropus slain, and magic restored, The Patron blamed hid fully-formed back at the First Flame, escaping Eternia's grasp to recover Eidolons.  

The Fifth Age and The Gloom

  The Patron's plans were once again foiled, but the gods of Eternia were growing weak. They only had a single vessel to hold in the Eidolons and The Gloom, and he knew that the chaos brought about by this changing of the guard would only benefit him in the long-run. He sought to try the previous plan again: await the Moon's Cry and rise his final Monolith, The Pillar, to attempt to gain enough energy in the chaos to summon a portal to the Far Realm.   But now Wyld Magick roamed freely as part of the Material Plane. The Patron took this to his advantage. He found several Wyld sorceresses dedicated to The Moon, befriended them, and queried them. They were called upon by The Moon to bring about the next Moon's Cry, instructed by The Vestiges themselves, who knew this fate was meant to be. Seeing a common ally, The Patron made them a proposition: if he aided them with The Moon's Cry, they would aid him in resurrecting The Pillar. A deal was made, and the group set about their way to their separate but equal tasks.   Eventually, the plans were in motion, and a group of foolish adventurers had even aided them in the process of the summoning. This meant their plans were sped up dramatically, and at the same time, The Patron could focus on his plans. His goal was to trick The Witches; use their power to summon The Pillar, and then use the Pillar's properties to devour as many souls as possible, and use those souls to generate a portal to the Far Realm. With the Witches powers, this was made especially easy.   But The Patron's cockiness was his own downfall. Although his plan had nearly worked, the same adventurers who had aided his cause soon trumped it, destroying The Patron's physical form, and thus destroying The Pillar. The Patron retreated to The First Flame, with no abilities left except to wait out the Moon's Cry, and hope the next age would better suit him.  

The Sixth Age

  The Patron was reborn in time. The Vestiges were regaining strength, and the Eidolons from the moon had deposed the Eternia gods. Now gods were everywhere, taking all shapes and sizes. The Patron gathered his strength, and with the aid of Hazard, formed himself into an Eidolon. With newfound power, The Patron allied with Hazard to bring about destruction upon the realm in whatever way seemed more fun and interesting.   The two conceived of a devious plot, one that seemed prepared especially for him. A plan that involved these new Eidolons, foolish wizards from the Spellplague who had ambitions more powerful than their means, and even The Vestiges themselves. Perhaps the chaos he caused now would be enough to distract those who would seek to stop him from his true plans.


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