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Episode 32 (SE)

The Dragon's Lair

General Summary

After their fearsome fight with the strange being that existed within the basement of Lanister's abode, they inspected around the room a little further. Finding their way out of the death-trap of the doorway using Garroth's unseen servant, they made their way back to the main room of the basement, where they procured a curious tome. As Maul attempted to open a chest that seemed to be locked by magical means, a gas began to pour out and fill the room.   The group hurried out upstairs after getting through the doorway, only to find themselves beset upon by the former maids and butlers of the estate, who drew weapons upon them. After a spell was cast, forcing the house-staff out of their concentration, it was quickly learned these were no mere humans, but indeed upon their investigations earlier, Gith, a strange race of elvish beings unlike anything the group had seen before.   The fight quickly turned from dangerous for the party, toward dangerous toward the Gith. A thaumatergical voice rose of Lanister from above, calling the other Gith forward. Many escaped quickly, while one was disabled on the stairway. With a shuddering of the house, Lanister and the other Gith seemed to have vanished.   The group used this opportunity to inspect the room further. They found a room littered with magical supplies, but when Jack attempted to enter it through lockpicking, the door attacked him with a Feeblemind spell, reducing his faculties to nothing. The group set about exploring the rest of the space while Maul decided to go through the hard way into the next room by bursting down the wall instead of the doorway. Korva read the book from downstairs, only to find himself entranced by a horrid grimoire that seemed to empower his magic, but at what cost. Fed up with the entire affair, Garroth waited for Maul to break down the wall, gathered anything he found of value, and they returned to the nearby town of Heraclea.   Within the town, Maul took Jack to the local cleric for healing. They were already upset by the late hour that Maul demanded them, and decided to take them through intimidation to aid Jack of his ailments. Maul gave the cleric a pittance of money, and the man was prepared to call the authorities. Jack, upon having his faculties returned, gave a gold bar. The cleric walked off in a huff, and it was unknown whether he would speak to the guards or not.   Meanwhile, the group hurriedly packed up the circus and set out upon its own gains, with its destination set toward the capital of the Holy Empire, soon thereafter arriving in the massive, sprawling city of Caldarum, with both Korva and Maul keeping tabs on two people very close to them, who seemed to be in the Holy Empire...

Report Date
22 Jan 2019
Primary Location

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