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Episode 22

The Tower

General Summary

Jack - having been pulled surreptitiously into a strange crate in the decrepit structure that was apparently Garroth's old home - found himself lost in a black void. Here he was encountered with a vision of Hazard, who he assumed to have the name of Jeff. Hazard seemed to be bargaining with Jack, but Jack was unwilling to trust in anything Hazard was offering, as he assumed this being was powerful despite his strange appearance. Hazard brought an eerie vision of the Dubious Daggers circus. As several of strange audience members in the circus began to approach Jack with knives, Hazard made one final bid to Jack's attention. Jack continued to play dumb as the circus attendants began horrifically stabbing him, as Hazard walked away. Soon thereafter, he awoke, covered in blood, as his friends gathered around him after hearing the explosion of the box he was heretofore pulled into.   Jack soon noticed that he had a card, one which had apparently been gifted to him by Hazard, as described by Korva due to his affiliation with the heinous god. The card depicted the tarot card of The Fool, showing a carefree adventurer on a dangerous cliff. What this meant, Jack had no care for, as he quickly took the card and discarded it into a pot filled with rotten grains, before walking away none the wiser.   After insuring that Jack was safe and healthy, the group continued to explore the strange structure that was Garroth's apparent tower. In rising to the next floor above, they discovered a small hallway with ornate markings and statues, and a locked door on the other end of the corridor. Two bodies lay splayed out upon the floor, severely rotted and clearly deceased for some time. Before they were able to learn how to enter the blocked passageway, they encountered a strange being: a spectral ghost of sorts that looked intimidating, coming through the wall. It demanded for the password to the door, and although it wasn't outwardly hostile to Garroth - declaring him as "part of his master" - he would not go out of his way to aid Garroth, insisting that a password must be met.   The group discussed with this being, trying to find an alternate path through, or more information that might help them access further into this tower. They were largely unsuccessful beyond one significant point: learning that a person, who ironically was also named Jack, seemed to be involved with the "master" of this tower. It was not very explicit what involvement he had, but it was clear that he was partially responsible for why this door was remaining locked at the moment. Garroth also learned that this may likely be the result of the strange, tangible pull he has been feeling while associated with his orb. What this could mean, however, and he could not remember whatever password he might have set for the doorway. Although Maul and the others were keen to break through the doorway to gain access to this room, Garroth instead became listless with disappointment, and became convinced the best action was to simply leave.   In insisting that there was more to be explored, the group remained on the lower floor of the tower to try to find an alternate entrance. Through some ingenuity involving the usage of only a minimal amount of illicit drugs and ingestion of an odd potion on the part of Maul, they made their way into an underground fresh-water river below the tower. By chance, they found a small adjacent cavern, which seemed to have stones blocking a path. As the group reconvened there, they toiled to destroy the rocks, uncovering a strange magically sealed door. This door quickly responded to Garroth's latent magic, and opened wide for them.   This lead to another Pyre, one of the many they had already discovered. Just as before, they felt compelled to both investigate and also take the Greater Ioun Stone of Absorption that sealed this Pyre, and just like the previous incidents, the Pyre lit aflame, and soon a true Beholder descended from above, quickly making silent demands through its intimidating form. Through raw luck and good planning on the fly, the group was able to best the fearsome beast in the glow of the magical fire that now lit the room.

Rewards Granted

The Fool Card (for Jack).

Missions/Quests Completed

Explore the Tower

Character(s) interacted with

Strange Spectral being, Dyvel and Wallace.
Report Date
25 Sep 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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