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Episode 21

Past and Present

General Summary

Venturing out of the dangerous forest they found themselves in, the party made their way east to the town of Lost Harbor. The way was difficult and without guidance, but slowly brought them to the iron-tinged breezes of the Bloodfens, on the shore of the inland sea known as the Zahren. The sleepy town that sat at Lost Harbor left something to be desired. Nevertheless, the group made their way forward toward their destination, Garroth's hypothetical tower somewhere upon the sea.   While Korva and Jack explored around the village, Garroth and Maul began fishing in the sea with some leftover gear from a sailing family they met. They were able to catch a Kuo-Toa named Ra'vok, who was mostly confused at its newfound situation, but due to placating his food-laden desires, he decided to sunbathe with the pair for awhile. In time, the sailor of the harbor returned, and agreed to allow them passage toward a tower, which he had said he had seen before. His conditions were not to stay at the island overnight, and that if they were not boarded before then, he would leave eastward toward the nation of bastion, only returning several days later.   Supplies were gathered, the ship was stocked, and the group set off. The waters seemed tranquil if not eerily treacherous. Passing across them, they eventually reached a small island, and ventured upon it to discover exactly the rumour that Garroth had been promised: a large, menacing looking toward upon an island on the blood sea. Fascinated, they made their way in, first leading them to a dingy cave, which they had been warned was filled with spiders. As it turned out, these were no mere spiders: instead, they were horrible mutations humans and spiders who had taken residence in this abode for their brethren. A fight ensued, and eventually, the beings were bested, allowing passage to the rest of the tower.   In exploring the tower, they were led to a very strange place, filled with what seemed to be an old tomb, and some sort of strange religious ceremonial site. While exploring around, some of the group located a staircase upward. Meanwhile, while exploring a room that seemed to be some sort of storage closet, Jack was pulled into a box, and when his friends sought him out, he was nowhere to be found...

Character(s) interacted with

Ra'vok, the sailors.
Report Date
11 Sep 2018
Primary Location


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