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The Vigil exists as a city-military hybrid that controls the entire city-state and all its functions. Officials may be elected after service in the The Watch, with votes cast by the general public 16 years and older. National officials then choose those they please for local jurisdiction. The Watch serves only on the walls, and operates under strict military authority without interference from the state.


This country was once beautiful, once perfect. Now it remains as a reminder of the cruelty of this world. This magnificent nation of mountains, fields, and valleys was assailed by witches who sought to bring upon the Moon's Cry. The moon was sundered, and the foul beings of The Gloom descended like a flood upon the landscape, filling the marshes and valleys with fetid blood which cascaded upon the realm. Only through the diligent service of Keepers of The Watch was the legendary Yggdrasil summoned, protecting the land for the worst of the horrors.   When the violent tides were put at ease, in the collapsed government of the after-world, The Watch subsumed control of the nation. The years after the terror were the hardest, and The Watch had to suspend democracy to gain control over the populace.   Over time, Zenith became the city-state of Bastion, an island amongst the seas of blood that surround it, always holding vigilant against the constant threat of The Gloom. It remains the only safe space from The Bloodfens, a proverbial oasis dominated by massive walls that encircle the small nation.
Geopolitical, City-state
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