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Ura is the south east country. It is predominantly a temperate climate with high moisture and regular rainfall. The country is known for its fertile forest and farmlands.  


Age of Gods (12,000 Years Ago)

Elves originally inhabited the land. They had a disposition toward life, serenity, the Earth, nature, plants, and well-being of people. Seeing Urah Sa as a reflection of heroism at that time, they named their land after him after he passed away. They also planted a tree in Lakefall for him as a mark of respect. It has been said that if Urah were alive today and knew about this, he would throw his hands in the air in frustration. He was a reluctant hero who never wanted to be seen as great and preferred to be left alone in his garden.  

Age of Stars (8,000 Years Ago)

Since The Moon's Fall, the land became abundant with corrupted figures and all sorts of monstrosities. Most Elves migrated north to the snow lands and north west towards Valispar.  

Age of First Men (6,000 Years Ago)

Groups of disconnected beast men banded together and formed settlements for security. The need for such things were unthought of during the Age of Gods, as that had been a time of bliss and harmony. However, since The Moon's Fall, everything changed. Eventually these small tribes grew into a powerful Empire led by a Kitka who established a foothold in regions one at a time. They were known as the First Civilization. The Empire eventually fell, but remnants of beast men still remain.  

The Present Day

The various regions answer to the constitutional monarchy of King Dolos and Prime Minister Traitorio. This government is preferable, even attractive, to many people of Ura. It is a different world to how it used to be centuries ago, thanks to the Law of Sara Ka and her push toward making society a better place. People are free from the threat of slavery, have the choice to make their own decisions provided they pay their taxes and obey the law, and have access to trade, food, and supplies. It is even possible for any citizen of Ura to become King or Queen themselves one day. Living outside of Ura is said to be terrible due to intolerable and dangerous terrain.  


Everbloom Forest

Introduced in Episode 1

Everbloom is located south east of the Capital. It is the epicenter of where objects started strangely coming to life 12 months ago. The small settlement of Lakefall is located here. People have mostly stayed away since this happened. Trading has also lessened as the road between Everbloom and the Capital isn't safe anymore. Though many living here fear their new situation, it pleases those who have rebelled against the rise of industrialism and wish to keep the forest unpolluted and protected from outsiders.  

Unnamed Farmland Zone

Introduced in Episode 2

The Farmlands are located south of the Capital. This allows the Capital to get goods when fresh. And fast.  

Unnamed Highlands Zone

Introduced in Episode 2

The Highlands are home to the Capital City of Ura. This is where the King and Prime Minister are based.  

Unnamed Swamp Zone

Introduced in Episode 3

The Swamp is located west of the Capital. It used to be a farmland but it got polluted. The Government have an underground base here. Nobody has ever seen what is inside. An abandoned theme park and sandwich factory are nearby. Some rides are rather creepy with faces that are caricatures of politicians. There have been rumours floating about that someone wants to reopen the theme park.  

Unnamed Beach Zone

Introduced in Episode 4

The Beach is located south west of the Capital. This is where the people of Ura go for a short escape.


Original Name(s):
Urah's Origin
People That Lived Here First / Had Power For Longest:
Primary Worshipped Legend(s):
Urah Sa, Sara Ka
Most Famous Landmark:
The Tree of Lakefall, The Gate
Current Government Type:

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