Elizabeth's Cardigan

"There. See? I taught her how to sew her initials onto the back of all her sweaters and cardigans. ERS: Elizabeth Rosemary Stone."  
— Gail pointing out to Jerry the cardigan that belonged to her daughter


One of the ways that Gail tried to get her daughter into sewing was by showing how pretty her initials would look on the back tag of her clothes.


While the discovery of her cardigan gives Gail hope about finding her daughter, Jerry points out that they saw all the scavengers at the house in the beginning and they could have taken the clothing from there before bartering it at Junktown, the Vault, or even with another drifter that went to those places.    She agrees, and her hopes go down for a little bit, but then they find Michael's glasses, which he would have been wearing. Those, Gail says, are a more important indicator that her children are alive and doing well if they were the ones to trade. (Jerry doesn't point out that they might not have been the ones to trade those items.)
Current Location
Raw materials & Components
The cardigan is a soft blue color, with a row of buttons down the left side and the slits on the right side. The sleeves go almost all the way to the wrist (but has enough room to place a wide bracelet), and there is a thick hem at the bottom with a small hem at the top for a collar.


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