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An unspoken language utilized by the Cichuelizon. Thigh-tracing is felt, rather than heard. Due to the cursed assassins' unique situation— each being able to feel the sensations of another— this allows them to plot and carry out their assassinations covertly, and instantaneously— from great distances.  

Written in Flesh

When one member of Cichuelizon traces a word upon their thigh, the rest feel it upon theirs. It takes a fair amount of time for new members to learn how to read these words, as most are used to reading with their eyes rather than translating a momentary touch. Yet they all understand in time, as few wish to prolong their curse.   Typically, thigh-tracing simply employs Qetlec characters, which eases the learning curve for new members. However, there are various, important, messages that must be relayed faster. These are referred to as signals and can be used in the midst of operations. To avoid confusion, these are often prefaced with a signal name— a quick trace used to denote a particular assassin during the duration of an operation. These are typically lightly scratched into the thigh rather than tapped or traced, in order to be read quicker, and to denote them as a signal name rather than as anything else.  
I felt...words being written upon my thigh— I gripped it tightly, and the feeling ceased for only a brief moment, before beginning anew on my other leg. I was told to calm down, that it was a friend. Given that this was the only sensation among the many assaulting my body that made coherent sense— I decided to trust it.
— A Cichuelizon initiate

Basic signals

Three rapid taps: "Stop."   Circle: "Regroup."   Two Circles: "Regroup at home."   Spiral: "Hurry up."   Circle with an X through it: "Abandon the job."   Two taps on the left upper-thigh: "To your left."   Two taps on the right upper-thigh: "To your right."   Simultaneous taps on both thighs: "Behind you."   Side of fist tapped on left thigh: "In here."   Side of fist tapped on right thigh: "Out there."   Both fists tapped twice against the fronts of both thighs: "New target."   Both fists tapped three times against the sides of both thighs: "Target dead."


Author's Notes

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Jul 14, 2020 05:00 by Stormbril

What a fantastic way of turning a curse of feeling the sensations of one another into a secret code! You know it's a good assassin's guild when what should be a drawback is a huge boon to them.   Well thought out basic signals on the sidebar, too! Great idea Timepool, I love this. Have any enemies of the guild broken the code, or realized what the assassins were doing? I wonder what kind of havoc could be created if an enemy attempted to send fake signals through thigh tracing on a captured assassin.

Jul 14, 2020 05:18 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I still think their article is one of my favorites from this year, so I was glad to get an excuse to write more for them! I really like the idea of a captured assassin...I might have to do something with that in the future. Thank you!

Jul 14, 2020 11:47 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is so cool! I particularly love the thought you've put into the basic signals. It must be so terrifying to suddenly have all of the sensations assaulting you, so it's great they've turned it into a positive.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 14, 2020 14:06 by TC

I'm blown away by how original this is. Every new article of yours is always a delight to read, they're some of the most refreshing articles I read on a day to day basis. Looking forward to your next one!

Creator of Arda Almayed
Jul 14, 2020 16:57 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Such kind words, thank you! Hopefully it'll deliver!

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