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Qareen: Seven Sisters: Merchant Guild Enforcer story hook

The following is used as a story hook for the Merchant Guild Enforcer character in the Seven Sisters module for Qareen.

A sickly-yellow sheet of paper is folded and wrapped around the fist of silver sticks that is the assignments’ allowance, held together by multiple cotton strings.
The handwriting is that of CHARACTER’s linguistic teacher, lady Malak. A member of the merchant guild. A single, friendly, Persian lady, past her prime. She works as a translator, for the most part, but has other duties, such as educating young guild members. She has enforced CHARACTER’s skill in Farsi and a smattering of other languages, and has tried to mother them through their late childhood, which is when she joined.

So?! What do you think? This one (the paper) is much! Much! Better!
I think it’s as good as the orientals!
It costs way too damn much, unfortunately… But I have a lead on that as well!
I know Smile is sending you to Taef to deal with snakes - or whatever the caravaneers are afraid of this time - but could you do me one, little, tiny, itsy, bitsy errand?! Pretty please?! I’ll bake you a pie!
There’s this woman in Taef called Ashwana Bint Hubi Huba Habeeb. She’s been working on the same thing! She might have found a way to make jareed (palm tree leaves) paper cheaper. Whatever she might know about making paper, I’d like it to trickle down the guild’s way and not any other way if you get my meaning.
CHARACTER, if it’s really snakes, please don’t put yourself in dang maybe you can hire a Hindi snake charmer! Just don’t get charmed by their dancers!

Kiss SMALLCAMEL for me. (her usual sarcastic joke, as she hates the beast)

Stay out of trouble… (The writing is clearly more shaky near the end)

Text, Letter

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